A word from Gerry X. Meatfist

Gerry X. Meatfist

In my lifetime, I saw a lot of things. Lives destroyed by poverty and famine, homes torn down because of poor credit and infestation. When my own business started to die by my own hand, I decided I had to do something, or die trying.

In the early 1970s, I began my research into the ways of our society. My first discovery was that there are forces at work in our society which hold everyone else back, and my second discovery was a unique set of techniques for locating, fighting and ultimately liberating these forces.

The Meatfist Shavery Foundation, together with the techniques of Ubiquity and Shavery can help you to achieve your goals and dreams, whilst liberating your home, office, neighborhood, city, state and country from the evil beardo forces.

The Meatfist Group of Companies, including companies for the selling of computers, data processing and consulting services, as well as future expansion into the realms of automotive, aerospace, construction, chemical and exporting will provide you with workable solutions to everyday business problems.

The Gerry X. Meatfist Foundation protects my legacy and my written works, safeguarding them against corporate espionage and future wars with the Soviet Union.

Finally, The Church of Technological Freedom provides you with a spiritual ease not found in today's hustle and bustle economy.

My books, my writings and my findings are no longer mine, but yours. Let my writings go free! I have made my express wishes for my wife, Shonda to locate and secure able minded people to continue my legacy after I pass. The World Organization of Ubiquitous Peoples and the Ubiquitous Press in Atlanta, GA are continuing to publish and print my findings and experiences, while The Institute for Ubiquity continues to find new methods and techniques for fighting the beardo in today's world.

Shonda, Gerry, Imhotep Meatfist and Ross Drago
Shonda, Gerry, Imhotep Meatfist and Ross Drago

Do what you can to support these and future Meatfist endeavors.

Yours eternally,

Gerry X. Meatfist